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Chickens Laws – Local Zoning and Legal Restrictions... Chickens in your neighbors backyard isn’t really so strange anymore, in fact you might want to think about having your own flock. Many urban and suburban communities are allowing chicken keeping, the...

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Chicken Feed – Chickens Like Variety Too!Chicken Feed – Chickens Like Variety Too! If you are planning to make some room for raising chickens in your backyard, the two most important things you will have to consider are a spacious coop and pocket friendly chicken feed. There are some...

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Free Chicken Coop Plans: Choose Wisely And Pick With CautionFree Chicken Coop Plans: Choose Wisely And Pick With... The chicken raising business is picking up buzz these days. The longing for fresh egg and chemical free meat is compelling people to have their own small chicken coops right in their backyard. With more...

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Don’t Be Deceived: Organic Chicken Eggs Are The BestDon’t Be Deceived: Organic Chicken Eggs Are The Best chicken eggs are a wholesome food and are the best option for all ages. Be careful looks can be deceiving and you really cannot make out from the size or color if there store bought eggs or organic eggs....

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Portable Chicken Coops for Traveling Chickens The traditional coop was always firmly fixed in the ground and could not be move around. In some ways that’s OK, but there are some very positive reasons for building or buying a portable one. The portable...

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Welcome to Building backyard Chicken Coops

Category : Building Backyard Chicken Coops

Welcome to BuildingBackyardChickenCoops.com where you will find all the the information you’ll need on raising chickens and building your own chicken coop. This blog will cover topics on chicken breeds, types of chicken feeds, threats to your chickens, egg laying, and more.

This site started out on a rocky slope and has received some negative feedback. We would like to take this time to apologize to our readers for that and hope they will stay our readers. We now have 3 writers for this site and we all have knowledge of raising chickens. We have also decided that it would be beneficial to our readers to change this site into a blog so that we can easily post new information.

We our starting out fresh and we hope that people will stay with use and scribe to are feed. Our Feed has not changed and you can subscribe at any time. We have also deleted a few tweets with our Twitter Account, but it also remains the same.

Raising chickens isn’t really any harder than raising a dog or cat just different. You can’t walk a chicken and chickens don’t use a litter box, but I am sure you already new that.

If you are new to raising chickens and have any questions you should Contact us and ask directly or you can refer to our FAQ page.

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i love your website i have just started keeping chickens.the neighbers hated my chicken coop at first untill i started giveing them fee eggs.now its happy days