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The Advantages Of Keeping Pet Chickens In Your Backyard

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Keeping pet chickens have become somewhat popular nowadays for several reasons. A few have something to do with the current state of the economy and how people don’t have any money. Other reasons include the fact that there are quite a few who believe that it is an action that can help the environment while at the same time providing healthy and fresh eggs to eat.

Some feel that it is a sensible practice to keep a couple of chickens in the yard. After all the provision of fresh eggs daily saves a bit on the grocery bill and every little bit counts. Which will in turn offset any start up costs that were incurred in your raising chickens endeavor.

Making The World Better By Eating Better

Those who are concerned about the environment and what we eat also believe it shows a bit of common sense to keep some hens. They have a concern about where in the world our store bought eggs actually come from. Many feel that the knowledge that the eggs that they consume come from chickens that are doing what comes naturally and thus are much more content than those that are confined, contaminated by chemicals, and force fed. Thus they have the satisfaction of feeling that they are bettering the health of not only themselves and their families but the world’s environment as a whole.

Chickens As Pets

Chickens are also known to make an excellent pet even if they are not as trainable as a dog. They often do not require as much attention as a pet of the four-legged variety. There is also little reason to take them on a daily walks or groom them. The room that they require is also smaller in proportion compared to other pets. Chickens can also be an endless source of entertainment as well, they seem to be good for a laugh or two.

Forgotten Benefit Of Keeping Pet Chickens

Keeping pet chickens has another benefit that may be overlooked and that is the natural method to eliminate pests that are most unwelcome. Chickens love to eat bugs, that means you can let them into your organic garden and they’ll help you with pest control. (Be sure to supervise them in the garden if there is any risk from a predator and to make sure they don’t destroy the plants in the garden). The chicken manure can also be used on vegetable and flower gardens to improve plant growth.

Types of bugs chickens eat:

  • Catipilers
  • Beetles
  • Grasshopers
  • Crickets
  • Termites
  • Fire ants
  • Scorpions
  • And more..

Why not let them help you with those nasty creepy crawlers. After all the only thing that needs to be done is to set them loose in the yard and their hunger will take care of the rest. Once a pest has gone down a chicken’s throat and has been processed through the bird’s digestive system it will be able to perform one final task. It becomes an excellent fertilizer for a garden because of its high concentration of nitrogen.

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