Don’t Be Deceived: Organic Chicken Eggs Are The Best

March 30, 2011 2:15 pm

Chicken eggs are a wholesome food and are the best option for all ages. Be careful looks can be deceiving and you really cannot make out from the size or color if there store bought eggs or organic eggs. Only a label can give a certification. You might be surprise but there is a lot of science concerning what your chickens are eating. Chickens that produce organic chicken eggs need to eat the best organic food. If we want to be healthy, we must ensure that the chickens eat healthy too!

If you are serious about getting organic chicken eggs, you can also grow a small vegetable garden. See how one hobby can lead to another one with more benefits? The non-organic eggs are also produced by eggs which are cooped up in an enclosure. It is always better to go for organic chicken eggs with a better percentage of folic acid. A store bought egg may be appealing with a deeper tint of yellow in the yolk but again it may also contain the artificially engineered grains or other hybrid variety of farm produce. Trust me when I tell you that is not healthy.

Chicken eggs are great for children and you will surely want your kids to eat healthy. It is best to ask for organic eggs that are produced by happy hens as they are allowed to move about freely. This ensures that they have more space and interaction and hence an organic egg is a healthy product. A non-organic egg may also contain traces of pesticides! Organic eggs are surely costly but they are worth the price if you really think it through.

Many people these days are finding it healthier and cheaper to and have fresh organic eggs every day. Raising chickens is a fun and a rewarding experience and is something you can pass down to your children or your grand children.

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