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Raising Backyard Chickens Is Great In So Many Ways

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Raising backyard chickens is reasonably straightforward and simple to do and the results are fabulous great tasting eggs. My backyard hens provide my family and I hours of entertainment as we watch them scavenge within the backyard searching for tasty treats. Keeping backyard chickens can be a fun and gratifying experience if you know what you’re doing and you have the necessary patience.

Why Is Raising Chickens Such A Experience

Raising backyard chickens will offer you a very rewarding experience especially considering that you’ll probably be enjoying fresh hormone free eggs on a daily basis. Worried about the mess, many of you probably didn’t know that chicken poop provides great organic manure for your other farming and gardening activities. If well planned, chicken farming can be very self-sustaining as their bedding provides adequate manure for the kitchen garden making certain you maintain a fresh supply of green vegetables and fresh eggs and meat at your own discretion.

One other reason backyard chickens are great to have around is that they keep the bug population in your yard down. Chickens will eat bugs as with all other bird, and that means there will be less for you to deal with. Feeding Chickens all the scraps you can find, from table scraps, to bugs, to grasses and weeds, will help keep your feed costs down.

Why Raise Backyard Chickens At All

People raise backyard chickens for various different reasons. Maybe you are looking forward to a supply of fresh, healthy eggs or meat for you and your loved ones. Some raise backyard chickens to improve the safety of their own food supply by avoiding the potential risk of large scale salmonella or E. Coli contaminations. Some simply do it because they have the land and they want to do it as a hobby. Raising chickens is somewhat like raising a puppy or a kitten, sure there are differences, but the concept is somewhat the same. People raise chickens to sell and some people raise backyard chickens to start their own egg selling business.

To some, the idea of keeping backyard chickens might seem a bit odd. The truth is my neighbors thought it was strange too, when I first started raising chickens in my backyard; however soon they came to get use to the idea and even enjoyed a few visits to my backyard for a few laughs. As my quirky friends provide alot of entertainment for the neighborhood.

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There is a growing awareness of how fun and easy it is to raise backyard chickens, and realization that chickens are a multi-purpose pet! Chickens eat the bugs and weeds in your yard, generate fantastic fertilizer and of course are a pet that makes you breakfast! Surprisingly, they also have a bit of personality and are always active. Unlike dogs or cats, chickens will almost always be doing something whether it is interacting with each other or interacting with the surroundings.

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