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Chickens Laws – Local Zoning and Legal Restrictions... Chickens in your neighbors backyard isn’t really so strange anymore, in fact you might want to think about having your own flock. Many urban and suburban communities are allowing chicken keeping, the...

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Chicken Feed – Chickens Like Variety Too!Chicken Feed – Chickens Like Variety Too! If you are planning to make some room for raising chickens in your backyard, the two most important things you will have to consider are a spacious coop and pocket friendly chicken feed. There are some...

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Free Chicken Coop Plans: Choose Wisely And Pick With CautionFree Chicken Coop Plans: Choose Wisely And Pick With... The chicken raising business is picking up buzz these days. The longing for fresh egg and chemical free meat is compelling people to have their own small chicken coops right in their backyard. With more...

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Don’t Be Deceived: Organic Chicken Eggs Are The BestDon’t Be Deceived: Organic Chicken Eggs Are The Best chicken eggs are a wholesome food and are the best option for all ages. Be careful looks can be deceiving and you really cannot make out from the size or color if there store bought eggs or organic eggs....

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Portable Chicken Coops for Traveling Chickens The traditional coop was always firmly fixed in the ground and could not be move around. In some ways that’s OK, but there are some very positive reasons for building or buying a portable one. The portable...

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Fresh Chicken Eggs Are A Healthy Way Of Life And Their Really Tasty

Category : Chicken Eggs

Every day people all over the world are starting their day with fresh chicken eggs. Found just about everywhere and having endless uses as a source of food makes it hard to beat the wonders of the egg. Freshness counts when it comes to taste.

Chickens are the leaders of the egg laying world. A couple a day are not uncommon with most hens. Different varieties of chickens will lay them in a wide assortment of sizes and colors. Spanning the rainbow in tasty goodness with greens and brown being available. The speckled or spotted types always look enticing and sometimes it takes a farmer to truly appreciate eggs.

Free Range Chickens, Not Commercially Raised Chickens

Category : Chicken Care, Chickens

Free range chickens are those that are allowed to roam outside for at least part of the day. Most small farmers and hobbyists will want to allow their chickens as much time as possible outdoors so that they get adequate exercise, so as to produce healthy fresh tasty eggs. Commercial “free range” chickens are not often so lucky, many of you already know about the tragedies that fall commercially raised chickens.

Almost Anything Can Be Used As Chicken Food For Your Quirky Friends

Category : Feeding Your Chickens

Well not quite anything, but a chicken is a bird and birds eat a wide variety of foods. In nature birds eat everything from fish and other birds, to insect and even mammals. chicken feed is much simpler, but chickens can digest all sorts of treats.

Some birds can use a specialized body part that is known as the gullet. This is an area in above the stomach that holds bits of stone for grinding harder foods into smaller pieces. This allows for the birds to digest almost any kind of food imaginable.

What You Are Getting Yourself Into By Building A Chicken House

Category : Building A Chicken Coop

Building a chicken house has never been simpler; it is the best way to get the most value for your hard earned money. There is so much information available on the internet, all at the touch of the mouse and the level of advice you’ll find really easily on how best to go about building a chicken house is just amazing. Some people think that they can build a chicken house by winging it, I would really advise against that. You need to know what you’re doing when building something like this and that’s why I suggest this building a chicken coop Guide.